Laser cutters

Fusion Pro laser cutter

How you can use it

You must be certified to use or reserve our laser cutters.

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After you're certified, you can use a laser cutter to:

  • Cut or engrave wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics, and certain types of plastic
  • Engrave glass and stone
  • Create and add creative embellishments to objects



Our laser cutters and materials cost fees to use. Learn more about our fees and how to pay them.

Tutorials & instructional videos

Models & technical details 

Epilog Fusion Pro

  • Work limits
    • Cutting/engraving area: 36 x 48 in (or 1219 x 914 mm)
    • Maximum cutting thickness (1 pass): .75 in
    • Features: Rim-Style Rotary Attachment (for rotary etching) and 2 overhead IRIS Cameras
  • Filetypes
    • Vector file types supported: DXF, AI, DST, PLT, LAS
    • Raster file types supported: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, TGA
    • The laser cutter may support other file types. Contact us at if you have a specific need not listed here.
  • Laser
    • Type: 80-watt max CO2 laser
    • Wavelength: 10.6 microns (infrared, invisible to the naked eye)

Acceptable materials

All materials you bring in must be approved by CATalyst staff before you can use them. The following list is just a guide, so it's not complete.

Material Cut Engrave Notes
Wood Yes Yes Most wood-based products, including solid wood and plywood, are excellent for cutting and engraving. Engineered woods, such as MDF, still work but might char more when cutting. Avoid oily or resinous woods.
Acrylics Yes Yes  
Cloth and fabric Yes Yes No plastic-coated or impregnated cloth.
Paper products and matte board Yes Yes High fire risk, monitor closely.
Cork Yes Yes  
Leather Yes Yes Genuine leather only. No "pleather" or anything containing vinyl.
Rubber Yes Yes Only rubber that contains no chlorine.
Polyester sheet (Mylar) Yes Yes Great for stencils.
Anodized aluminum No Yes The laser can't mark bare metals, but it can burn away the anodizing to make designs.
Glass No Yes  
Marble, granite, other stone No Yes  
Ceramics No Yes