Locate physical materials at the library

Library search is the best place to find books, ebooks, and journals. View our search tips for strategies and best practices for finding materials. Once you find what you need and it's a physical book or piece of material, use the guide below to locate it in one of our library locations.

Locate materials by call number

The library organizes most of its books and materials by call number, while we keep some formats and collections together. Here's a list of call numbers and where you can find them at the library. Learn how to read call numbers.

Call number Location & floor map  
A – B Main 3A  
C – CT Main 3B  
D – DS Main 3B  
DT – DZ Main 3C  
E – EX, F – FU, G – GA Main 3C  
GB, GC, GE Weaver floor 5   
GF – GV Main 3C  
H – HF 1399 Main 3C  
HF 1400 – HX, J – JZ Main 4B  
K – KZ, L – LA Main 4B  
LB – LT Main 4A  
M – MT Fine Arts  
N – NX Weaver floor 5   
P – PQ Main 4A  


(Children's literature

is on floor 3B)

Main 5B  
Q – QA 76.9 Q4 Weaver floor 5   
QA 76.9 S54 – QL 719 Weaver floor 4  
QL 721 – QR Weaver floor 3  
QS – QZ Health Sciences  
R – RZ Weaver floor 3  
S – SZ Weaver floor 3  
T – TJ Weaver floor 3  
TH Fine Arts  
TK – TZ Weaver floor 1  
U – V Weaver floor 1  
W – WZ Health Sciences  
Z – ZA (Main) Main 5B  

Z – ZA (Science)

Weaver floor 1  
A9791 – D9791
F9791 – Z9791
Special Collections  

Locating materials by format

Materials of certain formats are kept together. Here's a list of formats at the library.

Format Library location
Current Journals Main 3B
Weaver floor 5 
DVD/VHS Main (closed stacks)
Request via express retrieval
Films Special Collections
Government Documents Main 3A
Maps Main 1B
Special Collections
Media (other than Film, DVD, & VHS) Main 1B
Microfiche/Microfilm Main 3A & 3C
Special Collections
Weaver floor 1
Oversize Main 1B
Weaver floor 1
Fine Arts
Super Folio Main 1B
Weaver floor 1

Locate materials by collection

Some materials are kept together in a collection. Here's a list of collections at the library.

Collection Library location
Browsing Collection (Books that Matter) Main 2A
Children's Literature Main 3B
Chinese Studies Collection Main 1B
CCP Volkerding Rare Books Center for Creative Photography
By private appointment, (520) 621-7968
Desert Laboratory Library By private appointment, (520) 621-6945
Japanese Studies Collection Main 1B
Map Collection Main 1B
Music Collection Fine Arts
Reference Collections Main 3B
Weaver floor 5 
Fine Arts
Special Collections (Archives) Special Collections
Worlds of Words Education Building, room 453