CATalyst events & certifications

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We offer several events and workshops throughout the year where you can learn new skills and meet other makers on campus.

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We offer certifications in 3D printing, laser cutting, and embroidery. Our certifications consist of an Online Module and an in person small-group workshops where you'll learn and practice basic skills using our equipment. You must be certified to use our 3D printers and laser cutters.

Our certifications have limited spots, so be sure to register online ahead of time. 

The online module must be completed before attendance of the in person portion of the certification

3D Printing Online Module

Laser Cutter Online Module

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After you're certified

After you're certified, you can walk in and use open 3D printing or embroidery sewing machines or reserve the laser cutter ahead of time. Just check with a CATalyst staff member before starting your project.

Before you come in to work on your project:

  • Have your file in Standard Tessellation Language (STL) format for 3D printing projects
  • Have your file downloaded and ready to be cut for laser cutting projects

CATalyst staff are also here to help you prepare your files before you start your next project.

Host your club at CATalyst

Looking for a place to host your next club meeting or event? Contact us at to get more information about bringing your club to CATalyst Studios.

Bring your class to CATalyst

We work with instructors to create interactive and collaborative lesson plans at CATalyst Studios. Learn how you can bring your class to CATalyst.

CATalyst for community members

Our events are open for everyone, but we do prioritize University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff. The event reservation process is designed for students, so you won't be able to register online. Instead, you can post a request on Discord or email us at