Bring your class to CATalyst

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We welcome University of Arizona instructors from all academic programs and majors to teach your class at CATalyst. We partner with you to develop an interactive lesson plan and activity that meets your learning objectives and engages your students.

We've worked with instructors and their students to:

  • Get every first-year engineering student certified in 3D printing
  • Create and test the fluid dynamics of 3D-printed objects
  • Perform monologues in the green screen room and live stream them to our Data Studio for peer feedback
  • Design embellishments for a football jersey using our 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and embroidery machines
  • Create and write zines

Would you like to schedule a visit or event for a local K-12 class or extracurricular program? Contact Mona Nakamura, the CATalyst Outreach and Creative Programs Specialist, to explore what's possible:

Schedule a class visit

To schedule a class visit to CATalyst, contact our Experiential Learning Librarian, Rachel Castro, at In your email, please include:

  • Your course number
  • The number of students enrolled in the course/ section
  • What you'd like your students to get out of their visit
  • Any related assignments, projects, or learning goals
  • What kind of support, experience, or activity you'd like CATalyst staff to provide during your visit (i.e. tour, workshop, certification, hands-on activity, etc.)

After we receive your request, we'll follow up to discuss and finalize the details of your visit.

You can find more information about experiential learning and creating assignments with support from CATalyst in our experiential learning guide.

Preparing for your class visit

Once the visit is scheduled you should coordinate with your students so they're ready to participate. This may include completing online training modules, installing relevant software, having files ready, and reviewing information you discussed with our Experiential Learning Librarian when you planned your visit. 

The day of your visit:

  • Bring any information CATalyst staff will need to support your students, such as project guidelines, funding codes, and assignment due dates
  • Arrive at your scheduled time. Let CATalyst staff know if you're running late by contacting
  • Encourage your students to be active participants in discussions or projects

After your visit:

  • Share any feedback- positive or negative!- with the Experiential Learning Librarian so we can make future collaborations with your class as useful as possible