Meeting & instruction rooms

Instructor standing among students working in groups at several tables

About this space

We have instructional spaces (called "Learning Studios") and other meeting spaces you can use for teaching, workshops, events, and more. We can accommodate as many as 250 people.

Although these rooms are primarily intended for library-related instruction, they are available for reservation by faculty and other UA offices during certain times. Availability varies based on the room and the time of the semester.

Weaver Science-Engineering Library room 200SW is one of several collaborative learning spaces on campus. It has multiple large displays, a teaching station, wireless microphones, and surround sound. If you are interested in teaching in it, check the semester schedule.

Who can use this space

University of Arizona faculty & staff
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Located at

Main Library
Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library

How to access

Before you submit your request to use our spaces, be sure to read our guidelines. Request a room at least 2 weeks in advance. We will contact you within 48 business hours to discuss availability.

We're unable to provide technical support for non-library use of our spaces. You are responsible for setup before and cleanup after the event. If approved, your reservation will include 15 minutes of padding (start/finish) for this.

Instead of requesting a space, you can schedule a library instruction session or contact your liaison librarian for instructional support.