Course support

We're here to support instructors who want to incorporate our collections into their courses. We can help your students become familiar with Special Collections and learn how to use archival materials and primary sources in their research.

How we can support your course

  • Give students hands-on experience with primary sources that match their research interests
  • Plan an instructional session with Special Collections
  • Digitize materials or including existing digital collections in your course
  • Co-design an assignment that teaches students how to analyze primary sources

Digitizing materials for an instructional session

With 4 weeks notice, we can digitize up to 50 pages of archival materials and up to 40 photographs for your students to use in an instructional session with us.

Unfortunately, we can’t digitize monographs for instructional sessions. Some materials can't be digitized because of their fragility or size. If we aren’t able to digitize specific materials, we can recommend other options for your course. 

Request course support

Contact information
We can accommodate up to 25 students for an in-person instructional session.
How do you want to collaborate with Special Collections?
Tell us when you'd like to schedule your instructional session. Please share a few options so we can find the best time.
Do you need materials digitized?
Please describe the materials and share an estimate of the number of pages or photographs you need.