Digital Project Fellowship Program

The Digital Project Fellowship (DPF) was a program that engaged graduate students in investigating a variety of web platforms hosted through Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) and occurred throughout the summer of 2023.

About the fellowship

During the program, fellows explored and evaluated Omeka, Scalar, and Mukurtu to select the most appropriate web platform for their project. Fellows then started prototyping their sites, beginning with a wireframe, and concluding with a completed proof of concept. 

The Digital Project Fellowship program was designed to address the following service areas and skill sets:

  • Technical training for website management
  • Strategies for content management
  • Development of content spaces for digital scholarship

2023 DPF cohort 

  • Abraham Venegas — School of Information — "Contra Frontex"
  • aems emswiler — School of Information — "Activist Community Archive and Bibliography"
  • Angela Corsa — History — "Governance of Children in early 20th Century Ecuador"
  • Chelsea Wells — School of Information — "To Digitize or Not to Digitize: Digital Repatriation as a Decolonizing Practice" 
  • Nichole Crevar — English — "Wildcat Writers Lesson Plan Repository"

Contact us

For more information, contact Anthony Sanchez.