Digital Scholarship & Data Science Fellowship

A program for the things you didn’t learn in class


The Digital Scholarship & Data Science Fellowship (DS2F) program engages a cohort of graduate students in a scaffolded process of entrepreneurial inquiry while providing training in instructional design, digital pedagogy, and open educational resources.  DS2F is designed to cross academic years beginning in January and running through December.  During the spring semester, fellows participate in a series of librarian-led workshops focused on instructional design, digital pedagogy, and open educational resources. In the fall semester, fellows transition from learners to instructors as each fellow prepares a public workshop on their chosen topic and shares their online training materials. The graduate fellows give back to the UArizona campus through hands-on workshops in digital scholarship and data science tools and technologies.

DS2F is a program designed to address three known challenges in contemporary higher education:

  • Insufficient technical training for digital or data-intensive research within subject disciplines;
  • Uneven attention to digital pedagogy and strategies for teaching technical concepts within graduate training programs; and
  • A need for ongoing development of modular curricula for emerging technology that can be integrated into the classroom and extracurricular workshops, or used independently by scholars and researchers at the point of need.

2020 DS2F cohort

The 2020 DS2F cohort included Jonathan King (Science), Sabrina Nardin (Social & Behavioral Sciences), Sam Scovill (Social & Behavioral Sciences), and Mario Trejo (Public Health). All fellows presented workshops in Fall 2020; online materials for all of these workshops are available at the links below.

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