Get access through our bookmarklet

What is it?

Our bookmarklet gives you quick access to resources licensed by the University of Arizona Libraries even when you're off campus and not using the library's website.

If you've found a journal article on a website that's asking for payment, simply click on the bookmarklet from your bookmarks/favorites. If we have a license that content, you'll get access.

The bookmarklet is a great shortcut, but be warned it's not 100% and doesn't always work in PubMed.

How do I install it?

  1. Copy this complete line of text (do not click):
  2. Go to your browser bookmarks and find the option to manually add a bookmark. (It's easiest in Chrome and Firefox).
  3. Paste the text as the URL for the bookmark. Title it whatever you want. Maybe "Library bookmarklet," "Access through library," or something else easy to remember. This is what it looks like in Chrome:
    1. Image
      Adding a bookmark in Chrome

How do I use it?

When off campus, the most reliable way to access articles is through our website. But we know this is not always the way things happen. Sometimes you find articles through other websites.

Once you've installed the bookmarklet and you're on a web page with the article you want:

  1. Click on the library bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks
  2. Sign in with your NetID when prompted
  3. If we subscribe to the journal, the page will reload with the full text of the article

What if it's not working?

The bookmarklet only works with resources the library has licensed and configured to work with our proxy server.

If used on a resource we don't license or haven't configured, you might get an error message like: "The website link...has not been properly configured for UA access. This...could be a phishing attempt."

We don't configure our proxy server for every resource, only those we license and for which a UA IP address grants access.

So if it's not working, try find the resource through the library website or contact us for help.

How does it work?

A bookmarklet is a combination of a browser bookmark and JavaScript. So it's a bookmark that can be programmed to do things. Our bookmarklet prepends the library's proxy URL to the current URL in your browser. This allows you to view the URL as though you were on campus (with proper authentication), giving you access to materials licensed for use by the University of Arizona academic community.