Weaver Library 5th floor closed for summer renovations

Weaver Library 5th floor closed for summer renovations

May 23, 2023

The fifth floor of the Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library is closed this summer for renovations.

In addition to moving materials from the Fine Arts collection at the closed Fine Arts Library to the renovated fifth floor, several upgrades are part of the project.

The space will be open again when classes start in August.

Renovation project details

Many of the fifth floor renovations align with the library space upgrades that were completed during the Student Success District project. Changes include: 

  • upgrading restrooms to meet ADA accessibility standards;
  • new paint, carpeting, and furniture; 
  • widening the pathway and increasing natural light on the floor;
  • adding more power outlets in spaces used by students; and
  • installing a sound booth for use by Fine Arts students and faculty. 

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