UA courses using OER

3 faculty members holding textbooks.

Image caption: Joceline Lega (Math), Suzanne Delaney (Eller), and Brian LeRoy (Physics) have adopted OER.

Join this list! If you're using an open textbook in a UA course, please send details to Cheryl Casey and we'll add you to this page.

Table caption: A list of courses using OER at the University of Arizona.
Course Instructor Open textbook Source
AREC 210: Understanding the World of Commerce Na Zuo Introduction to Business OpenStax
ASTR 170B1: The Physical Universe Don McCarthy Astronomy OpenStax
BASV 314: Mathematics for Applied Sciences Tierra Stimson Introductory Statistics OpenStax
COMM 101: Introduction to Communication Kyle Tusing Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies Open Textbook Library
FCSC 301: Applying Critical Thinking to Discourse in Family and Consumer Sciences Organizations Elizabeth Heuisler Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking Saylor Academy
LDRV 401: Leadership in a Diverse Environment Brandy Brown Perkl Leading with Cultural Intelligence Saylor Academy
LIS 475/575: User Interface and Website Design Martin Frické The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming Milne Open Textbooks
MATH 425/525: Real Analysis of One Variable Joceline Lega Introduction to Real Analysis Digital Commons @ Trinity
PHYS 102: Introductory Physics I Brian LeRoy College Physics OpenStax
PHYS 103: Introductory Physics II Drew Milsom College Physics OpenStax
PLS 340L: Biotechnology Laboratory Samantha Orchard Microbiology OpenStax
PSY 150A1: The Structure of Mind & Behavior Alma Tejeda Padron Psychology 2e OpenStax
PSYV 471/571: Psychology of Leadership Brandy Brown Perkl Business Communication for Success Saylor Academy
SBE 202: Professional Communication & Presentation Ladd Keith Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking Saylor Academy
SBS 200: Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences Suzanne Delaney Introductory Statistics OpenStax