Use ebooks in your course

The library offers ebooks that you can use in class as a student or instructor. These ebooks come with different licenses.

Library-licensed ebooks

To provide students free access to required course textbooks, the library buys unlimited-user ebook licenses whenever possible. In most cases, publishers won't sell unlimited ebook licenses to academic libraries. Unlimited-user licenses allow multiple students to access an ebook throughout the semester without causing access issues for other library users. 

Instructors can check for ebook availability at the library before adopting a particular textbook for their course. Instructors are required to share what course materials they'll be using in the University of Arizona Campus Store's textbook adoption form before the start of each semester. The Campus Store shares textbook adoption information with us, then we see what ebooks are available and notify instructors. If you have questions about the textbook adoption process, email

Learn more about ebooks for course use.

Find Course Ebooks

Pay One Price, a U of A Campus Store initiative 

The U of A Campus Store designed Pay One Price, which is a flat-rate course material program for all Main Campus undergraduate students that's designed to boost student success.

Library-licensed ebooks and open educational resources (OER) are an important part of the Pay One Price program and help lower its overall cost.

Limited-license ebooks

The library can only guarantee access to unlimited-user licensed ebooks for courses. As a student, you may still find ebooks with more restrictive licenses in library search. You're welcome to use these ebooks, but should plan ahead to avoid access difficulties. Find tips for using limited-licensed ebooks.