About streaming video

Instructors: please don't reuse links from previous semesters

The library provides dozens of streaming video databases for course use.

Contents of these databases can change and licenses can expire, so that's why you shouldn't reuse links from last semester.

Plan ahead

For each film you plan to show, request a streaming video.

Please do this as soon as possible. It can take several business days. We need to

  • process requests
  • buy necessary licenses
  • activate access
  • and send you a current link to share with your class. 

How can I prepare for my course?

  1. Request a D2L course page if you don't already have one (only the primary instructor listed in UAccess can submit D2L requests). 
  2. Request a streaming video. We prioritize these requests by the "date needed by" that you indicate in the form.

What about showing a film on campus outside of a course?

See our guide to Film Screenings on Campus.

How will I find out whether my requested videos are available?

We'll notify you by email. To check on the status of your request, email streaming@lib.arizona.edu

If your films are available from the library, we'll provide links to the videos, which you can add to your syllabus or D2L Brightspace course site. See advice on adding a link to your course site.

If your film isn't available, we will contact you and provide suggestions of where to look to locate the film.

How do I request a large number of videos?

Our form only allows you to request one video at a time. However, here's a tip to make it easier to request multiple films.

  • After you see "request received," use the back button.
  • Replace the About the video/film fields with information about the next video, then submit again. You won't need to retype the About your course information.

How can I find out what films the library already has in streaming format?

See our FAQ: How do I search for films or videos?

What if I want students to watch just part of a video?

See our FAQ: How do I show video clips in my class?

Contact us

Technical questions about our streaming video service:
Contact us by email

Questions about video playback or D2L:
Contact 24/7 IT Support Center 
By phone: (520) 626-TECH