Access & Information Services

Staff member at the Ask us desk ready to help with research and technology questions

Access & Information Services (AIS) provides seamless access to technology, study spaces, information, and reference services. AIS staff members facilitate the use of and expanded physical and digital access to instructional materials, within our library collection and beyond, while maintaining a safe, disruption-free learning environment and actively pursuing and implementing new services to meet the needs of library users.

Group study, quiet study, collaboration rooms
Laptops, tablets, cameras, maker tools
Interlibrary loan, express retrieval, document delivery

Departmental key contacts

Information & Training

Supports our reference services and ensures staff are properly trained to provide high-quality service.

Public Services & Operations

Oversees borrowing and billing for equipment and books, including damaged items. Helps manage the Weaver Science and Engineering Library collections and spaces, the National Flute Association Library, and midterm and finals events to support student stress relief and success.

Resource Sharing

Expands access to instructional and research materials within our library collections and beyond through interlibrary loan, express retrieval, and document delivery services. Contact our team at

Systems & Analytics

Manages the systems and applications that power our library search, borrowing system, and building access. We also collect and analyze data generated by these systems each day to help improve existing services and plan for new ones.

Technology & Operations

Supports the our borrow technology program and 3D printing service and maintains our study rooms and room requests for our Learning Studios.