Project Connect Arizona Now (Project CAN) grant update

Project Connect Arizona Now (Project CAN) grant update

Feb. 26, 2024
Travis Teetor and Amir Hassibi pose in the new Dunbar Tech Lab

Amir Hassibi (left) and Travis Teetor

Photo by Robyn Huff-Eibl

Access & Information Services staff Travis Teetor, Technology & Operations Manager and Amir Hassibi, IT Support Computing Analyst II, have been assisting Bryan Carter, University of Arizona College of Humanities Center for Digital Humanities Director, with the Dunbar Pavilion, an African American arts and culture center at the site of a historic segregated school, set up a new technology-rich classroom space. 

As a part of the Connect Arizona Now grant (Project CAN), Dunbar will use this new space to deliver programming driven by community-identified needs in a Tucson neighborhood with a historically underserved population that has had limited access to technology. This will give the community greater broadband access, improved digital literacy, and new opportunities for workforce development. Teetor is co-principal investigator of the $3 million grant.

On Feb. 17, the 2024 Harambee Festival was held at the Dunbar Pavilion, with the soft launch of the Dunbar Tech Lab, that showcased some of what users can expect in this new space, including a volumetric capture space and VR headsets.