A new, refreshed library website is underway

A new, refreshed library website is underway

Aug. 1, 2023
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As you use and search our site, you may notice we're in the process of updating our website.

5 things you should know

1. Two different looks, same library website 

Our refreshed website and our previous website look very different. As you use our website, you'll see both versions of our website until we finish moving all pages to the new website. 

No matter which version you see, you're on the right website and the information is up to date. You'll still be able to search for and find what you need. 

Refreshed website
A refreshed website homepage.

Previous website
The library website homepage.


2. We have a new URL 

We created a new URL for our website: https://lib.arizona.edu. Pages from both the refreshed and previous websites can be found at this URL. 

3. Don’t worry about links you bookmarked or shared

Links on our website that you’ve used, bookmarked, or shared in the past will still work. You can save the new links, but you don’t need to. 

4. Our updated website looks very cool 

Here is some content that we've updated or created for the new website:

We also updated information for undergraduate students, graduate students, online and distance students, faculty and instructors, alumni and visitors, and our library employees

5. Contact us if you need help  

If you find any broken or incorrect links or have questions, contact us. We're here to help.