Arizona Water Resources Committee records

MS 430
Arizona Academy Pamphlet, 1977

Arizona Academy Pamphlet, 1977.

Collection area: Political Affairs

Collection dates: 1955-1992

About this collection

Records, 1955-1992, bulk 1960-1990. This collection is comprised of the records of Arizona Water Resources Committee (AWRC). Arizona Water Resources Committee (AWRC) records has been divided into two series: Organization and Research. The materials related to, created or published by AWRC or members of committee are arranged in the series of the Organization. The materials obtained by AWRC for the purposes of research are arranged in the series of the Research.

The Organization series includes; business correspondence of the AWRC, meeting agendas/notices and meeting minutes, field trip information and related photographs and committee financial information. As well as AWRC directory/roster of members, publications and reports published by the committee. There is also information on the annual symposium sponsored by the committee.

The Research series contains research related materials, not published by the committee, including; the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and the plans for the opening celebration ceremony, water legislation, water related newspaper articles and newsletters, planning proposals and prospectus.

Historical background

The Arizona Water Resources Committee (AWRC), was a political interest group that had significant impact upon the formulation and implementation of water policy and water research programs in Arizona from 1956 (the year is was created) through the mid 1990’s. The committee sought to increase the water yield from Arizona's watersheds through vegetative manipulation and modification. It was the principal sponsor and supporter of the Arizona Watershed Program, a network of research, action, and public relations and information projects designed to achieve the goal of increased water supplies for the state.

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