Conditions for using licensed digital resources

Most of our digital resources (including online journals, books, software, videos, and databases) are made available through license agreements. They are provided primarily for the research needs of the University of Arizona community.

Remote access

Remote access is limited to authorized library users, which includes:

Everyone else can access most licensed resources in-person on the public computers at the Main Library.

Copyright protections

These resources are protected by copyright and other laws. Unauthorized reproduction, publishing or republishing, transfer, alteration, and/or use of the resources is prohibited.

Systematic or programmatic copying or downloading is not allowed. Misuse may result in a loss of access for user accounts, IP numbers, or entire networks.

Warranty and liability

The University Libraries can make no warranty related to our digital resources. We are not responsible for their content, format, accuracy, or availability and will have no liability relating to their use.

Vendors of specific databases may specify additional conditions. Be sure to review any additional conditions before accessing resources.