#WeAreUAZLibraries: Lucy Provost

#WeAreUAZLibraries: Lucy Provost

March 11, 2020

#WeAreUAZLibraries is a bi-weekly series that introduces our staff on Facebook and Instagram. Meet Lucy Provost!

What do you do?

I have a public-facing role and a behind-the-scenes role at the library. Mornings you can find me at the desk, helping students with reference questions and library account issues. At other times I work with our library system so that items like books and laptops are due back when they should be and making sure the hours on the library website are accurate and up to date.

How long have you worked for University Libraries?

5 years.

What’s your favorite library resource or service and why?

I am excited about our new Family Study Room located in the Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library. As a parent who went back to finish college, I sometimes felt different from other students, like an oddity. The fact that the university and the Libraries have dedicated space expressly for students who are also parents is an exciting step forward in demonstrating recognition of just how diverse the students of today are.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Last summer I traveled abroad to watch the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, one of the fastest motor sporting events that takes place on these narrow twisty roads winding through English villages. Motorcycles tearing around corners with nothing separating you from the them and the road except an old crumbling stone wall. So exciting!

Lucy's story was originally posted on social media on January 29, 2020.

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