Some print newspapers, periodicals moving online in January

Some print newspapers, periodicals moving online in January

Dec. 19, 2022

What's changing

Beginning in January 2023, we will cease providing access to print newspapers in the library and will shift that access solely online. The Library’s Space Committee will determine how the newspaper browsing area on the Main Library’s third floor will be repurposed.


Our print newspaper collection has been steadily reduced over the past decade (from dozens of titles to just a handful today) as the content has become more broadly available through aggregators or full text online subscriptions and the physical materials show diminishing use. 

Of late, delivery has also become a major issue and headache for our staff and users alike, with delays or missed deliveries for our daily newspapers becoming more common.

After consulting with DWG and IRSG and seeking input from ALG, I decided this was the right time to make this change. Kenya will be releasing a news story on our website on Friday and a UAnnounce message will go out early next week.

Which newspapers and periodicals are moving online?

Below is a list of the remaining print newspapers that will be canceled or moved online, as well as some other print periodical titles that will only be available online (either through databases or new online subscriptions, including EBSCO’s Flipster eMagazine platform). Our current subscriptions to newspapers on microfilm will not be affected.

While the new digital access will not 100% replace the print, overall, user access to newspaper and popular periodical content will expand significantly.

All of the titles to be canceled are also available physically or in digital format through the public library, where access to current popular magazine and newspaper content is a priority.