Health Sciences Library launches new website on May 30

Health Sciences Library launches new website on May 30

May 22, 2023
student sitting at study room table with laptop

The Health Sciences Library is excited to launch our new, improved website on May 30.

The changes are the result of feedback from an online survey distributed to the University of Arizona Health Sciences colleges and interviews with health sciences students and faculty. The team that worked on this project also reviewed the websites of other health sciences libraries for ideas and inspiration.

What you can look forward to with the new website

  • A modernized look and feel
  • Simplified and user-friendly web navigation to help you find the most heavily used health sciences resources
  • Improved online access for health sciences students, faculty, and researchers 
  • A more mobile-friendly website that is usable by screen readers and other accessibility devices

Links that you’ve shared or bookmarked on the current website will still work.

The library will continue to gather feedback from health sciences students, faculty, and staff after the new site goes live.


If you notice broken links or have questions about the new website, contact Jerry Flanary,