Resources & recommended reads for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Resources & recommended reads for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

May 23, 2024
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Special Collections Arizona Queer Archives

The Arizona Queer Archives (AQA) centers community participation in the building and collecting of LGBTQI histories throughout the state of Arizona and the US-Mexico borderlands. It collects manuscripts and organizational records, ephemera, oral histories and other records that tell the stories of what it means to be LGBTQI in the region.

In partnership with AQA, Special Collections added LGBTQI as an area of emphasis in 2022 with nearly 30 collections including those transferred from AQA.

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The University of Arizona Press recommendations

 'Five Hundred Years of LGBTQIA+ History in Western Nicaragua' by Victoria González-Rivera

This book reframes western Nicaraguan history by giving gender and sexuality the attention they deserve. González-Rivera decenters nationalist narratives of triumphant mestizaje and argues that western Nicaragua’s LGBTQIA+ history is a profoundly Indigenous one. In this expansive history, González-Rivera documents connections between Indigeneity, local commerce, and femininity (cis and trans), demonstrating the long history of LGBTQIA+ Nicaraguans. Publication date is October 2024; available to pre-order now.

'Growing Up in the Gutter: Diaspora and Comics' by Ricardo Quintana-Vallejo

Quintana-Vallejo examines contemporary graphic coming-of-age narratives by looking at the genre’s growth in stories by and for young BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and diasporic readers. The language is welcoming for students without previous knowledge of either the coming-of-age genre or comics. This book is designed to be accessible and fun.

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Books That Matter recommendation

'In the Shadows of the Freeway: Growing Up Brown and Queer' by Lydia R. Otero

Raised in an adobe house built by their mother, Otero takes readers to a mid-20th century barrio that existed on the social margins of Tucson, Arizona, despite sitting a little more than a mile away from the central business district.

Books That Matter is a print collection of more than 100 titles which support our commitment to social justice and antiracism. Stop by to browse and/or borrow LGBTQ+ titles and more.

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