Books That Matter – Borderlands book spotlight: 'That's Not Fair!'

Books That Matter – Borderlands book spotlight: 'That's Not Fair!'

Sept. 10, 2023

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - October 15

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Books That Matter is a print collection of more than 100 titles which support our commitment to social justice and antiracism. Chosen by staff and students, the collection is located on the second floor in Main Library on a "working" bookshelf. Books are rotated and cover many different identities, histories, and genres ranging from autobiographies to comic books. Stop by to browse and/or borrow.

Book spotlight: That's Not Fair!

By Carmen Tafolla

One of the many books in our Book That Matter Borderlands collection is this vivid depiction of the early injustices encountered by a young Mexican American girl in San Antonio in the 1920s. That's Not Fair! tells the true story of Emma Tenayuca who learns to care deeply about poverty and hunger during a time when many Mexican Americans were starving to death and working unreasonably long hours at slave wages in the city's pecan-shelling factories.

Through astute perception, caring, and personal action, Emma begins to get involved, and eventually, at the age of 21, leads 12,000 workers in the first significant historical action in the Mexican-American struggle for justice. Emma Tenayuca's story serves as a model for young and old alike about courage, compassion, and the role everyone can play in making the world more fair.

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