2023 Data Visualization Challenge winners

2023 Data Visualization Challenge winners

May 3, 2023

Well done!

The Data Cooperative at the University Libraries and CATalyst Studios hold an annual data visualization challenge to highlight how University of Arizona students use visual displays of data to tell stories.

Third place: Arjun Phull (undergraduate)

Data visualization is an intuitive and creative way to share complex information with a lot of people. My project, Black Space and the Environment, is a dynamic 3D data visualization inspired by W.E.B DuBois's 1900 exhibit, The American Negro.

I used color and spatial analysis to show the impact of environmental conditions on Pennsylvania's Black population. My sources were the American Lung Association's State of the Air 2022 report and the U.S. Census Bureau. I also encourage people to think of ways to combat these disproportionate outcomes. (Interactive version linked below.)

Second place: Kelli Richardson (graduate/professional)

Research Librarian Ahlam Saleh inspired me to participate. I had never created an interactive visualization in R. I also learned how to use GitHub and Zenodo. I feel more competent in my ability to develop visualizations using R. 

First place: Stefan Marinic (undergraduate)

My bioinformatics teacher Dr. Barker inspired me to participate. Dr. Barker has stressed the importance of collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting it in simple terms for non-scientists. I'm a dentistry undergrad, am concerned by how little people care about their oral hygiene, and hope to raise awareness about this crisis. This was a perfect chance to combine my education and passion for dentistry.

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