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Special Collections Staff Favorites exhibit, now until Nov. 22

Celebrating the passion and expertise of our dedicated staff members

Experience some of our favorite pieces in our fall 2023 display

This unique showcase celebrates the passion and expertise of our dedicated staff members, each curating their favorite selections from distinct collecting areas within Special Collections. 

  • Arizona & Southwest: Take a look at the region’s history, culture, and Indigenous heritage, from rare maps to ancestral artifacts, delve into the stories of the southwest.
  • Arizona Queer Archives: Explore a collection that sheds light on the vibrant LGBTQ+ history of Arizona. The selections offer a poignant reflection of the community’s resilience and progress.
  • Borderlands: View the dynamic landscapes of the Borderlands collection. Selections show the intersections of culture, migration, and identity through documents, photographs, and manuscripts.
  • History of Science: Get a glimpse of the scientific discovery and innovation. You’ll see early scientific manuscripts, vintage laboratory equipment, and visionary works that shaped our understanding of the world.
  • Literature: Literary classics to artist books, this collection takes you through the imaginations of celebrated authors and artists.
  • Performing Arts: Playbills, and photographs reveal the magic behind the curtains of theater, dance and music of our region.
  • Political Affairs: Trace the corridors of power and dissent through a spectrum of political memorabilia, campaign materials, and speeches that capture the essence of pivotal moments in history.
  • History of the University of Arizona: Uncover the stories of pioneering faculty, groundbreaking research, and the evolution of campus life throughout the University of Arizona’s history.
  • Audio Visual Preservation: Experience history in motion and sound. Our audiovisual collection showcases moving image and audio recordings that capture pivotal moments in time. 

Join us in this exploration of curiosity, knowledge, and the shared love for preserving the diverse and captivating stories of our human experience.

Through these selections, we invite you to see the resources available to the public through the eyes of those responsible for stewarding these unique materials.

Curation credits

Erika Castaño, Digital Initiatives Archivist
Bob Diaz, Associate Librarian
Lisa Duncan, Assistant Librarian, Unit Lead Collections Management
Alba Fernandez-Keys, Assistant Librarian, Borderlands Curator
Amanda Howard, Archival Assistant II
Steve Hussman, Political Affairs Archivist
Roger Myers, Full Librarian and Archivist
Trent Purdy, Multimedia and Digital Collections Associate Archivist
Verónica Reyes-Escudero, Katheryne B. Willock Head of Special Collections, Full Librarian


Alanna Rivera, Student Assistant
Brittany Murphy, Student Assistant
Andrea Ortega, Preservation Assistant
Fleur van der Woude, Preventive Conservator
Maggie Dwenger, Assistant Librarian, Public Services and Instruction Unit Lead
Alba Fernandez-Keys, Assistant Librarian, Borderlands Curator

August 17, 2023, 9:00 am to November 22, 2023, 5:00 pm