Policies for Health Sciences Library - Phoenix

General guidelines for using the library

  • Library access is reserved for those enrolled or employed at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, as well as UArizona and Northern Arizona University distance education and online students. Due to the need to manage occupancy, no community use is allowed at this time.
  • To ensure the security of the library, the main entrance doors are locked after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. At those times, entry is via PBC badge or CatCard. If you encounter difficulties with badge access, please contact the PBC Access Desk at PBC-Access@email.arizona.edu or (602) 827-2758.

Safety protocols during COVID-19

All visitors should keep the following guidelines in mind in order to ensure that we can maintain a safe environment and keep the library open for student use:

  • To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the use of face coverings is required in the library. Please review the current university policy for more detail.
  • Sanitizing stations are placed throughout the library. Please use these supplies to clean desks and shared surfaces as needed. Please do not use the spray on the screens in any of the large study rooms.

Using the study rooms

  • Study rooms are available first-come, first serve to students enrolled in classes in the Health Sciences Education Building. Study rooms can't be reserved.
  • Study rooms can't be held for later use. Items left behind for more than an hour may be removed and held at the library front desk in order to make the study room available to other users.
  • During busy times, single occupants and small groups may be asked to move to smaller rooms if their rooms are needed for larger groups.
  • Before leaving, clean the whiteboards and return markers to the front desk. Remove all personal items and trash.
  • Don't use sanitizing spray on the monitors.
  • No eating is allowed, and drinks must be in closed containers.
  • Lockers are available on the second floor of the Health Sciences Education Building. The Library is not responsible for personal property left in study rooms.