Green Screen Room

Students Taking Photos against the Green Screen


Main Library, B202B (inside the Virtual Reality Studio)

Who can use it? 

University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff can use and reserve the Green Screen Room. Our staff members are available to help you with your project.

Community members can also use the studio when it's available, but we do prioritize University of Arizona students, staff, and faculty.

What can I do there?

Record video files with our professional backdrops and lighting systems in a soundproof space. Use the green screen to add virtual backgrounds.

You can reserve the Green Screen Room in advance. The first time you reserve the room, we'll give you an orientation to the space and explain how to use our equipment. After that, you can reserve the studio whenever you'd like.

After you reserve the space, you'll receive a confirmation of your reservation within 2 business days.

Reserve the Green Screen Room

How much time should I reserve?

Plan to reserve a 1-hour appointment for every 5 minutes of video you're recording. Your reservation automatically adds a 15-minute buffer before and after your reservation to leave time for setup and cleanup. 

Can I do post-production edits in the studio?

When you reserve the studio, you are reserving time for recording video and shooting photos only. 

For post-production editing, you can use our Virtual Reality (VR) Studio or Maker Studio.

How should I prepare for my reservation?

Here are a few things you can do before your reservation to make the best use of your time in the studio:

  • Create a script or storyboard: Pre-planning your story helps make sure the media you create is easy to work with and requires the least amount of post-production edits. 
  • Prepare props: Bring any costumes, props and other items.
  • Bring your own equipment or reserve equipment from the library: We encourage you to bring your own recording equipment. We have limited equipment available to help you with your project or you can borrow laptops, tablets, and DSLR cameras from the library.
  • Choose a good clothing color: Avoid wearing green so that you don't disappear against the green screen backdrop.
  • Plan how you'll save your work:  Make sure you have a way to save your video files. These files will be quite large (i.e., a 4k video is typically 84MB per minute of content). Consider a cloud based solution, such as your Google Drive account.

Space details

  • Fits up to 10 people in front of the green screen
  • Professional lighting
  • Soundproof wall panels